When choosing NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms to build your next home you can ensure that you are using the best building solution available today. Building with NUDURA allows you the freedom and versatility to design and build your home the way you want, without limitations. Our Insulated Concrete Forms provide substantial benefits over traditional building methods so that your family can enjoy greater comfort, safety, and energy efficiency in a healthier, more durable home.
NUDURA leads the industry in product innovation and is unmatched by any other Insulated Concrete Form. NUDURA and Tri-State ICF are strongly committed to improving the building process to support environmental issues, reduce energy consumption, and to save our valuable environmental resources for future generations.



When you buy products from Tri-State ICF you will receive the following services at no additional charge to you:

  • Plan conversion to ICF if required
  • Delivery to your job site
  • Bracing
  • On-site service